Allocation FAQs

Allocation Dates

10/23/21, 10/24/21: Pickup weekend at LIMINAL production facility.

10/27/21-11/10/21: Fall allocation period (date change - was previously scheduled for 9/23/21).

Spring 2022: Tasting event, Spring (Rhône) allocation period

Allocation dates are tentative and subject to change.

Registering/Signing Up for Allocation List

How do I get on the allocation list?

Once I’m on the list, does that mean I’ll get an allocation?

  • You will be offered an allocation based on your ranking on the list. While we hope to offer wine to everyone on the list, we cannot guarantee this.
  • It is our hope to offer a minimum of one 3-pack to everyone on the list.

I am an Avennia club member, so does that make me a LIMINAL member, too? Can I use my Avennia discount on LIMINAL wines?

  • Avennia wine club members are not automatically on the LIMINAL allocations list. However, Avennia club members are welcome to register for LIMINAL if they have not yet done so. 
  • Avennia wine club discounts do not apply to LIMINAL wines.